This website is a window on a diverse set of projects that are able to sit together through a common thread of Innovation, Technology, Challenge and Adventure.

This foundation, coupled with an ethos of openness, has taken us and many others through a kaleidoscope of experiences and emotions captured by the breadth of this site.

Ocean sailing, polar travel, challenging the norm with new concepts and education are all in here.

My last challenge took me in yet another new direction. This time I was joined by my good friend Andy Warrender as we completed the 1500km circumnavigation of Tasmania by sea kayak.  As always, we shared the adventure with people following our progress through the tracker and reading our blog updates, looking at our photos and watching our videos as the voyage progressed. Click on the Tasmanian Kayak Adventure page for more details or click here for a video compilation of the first half of the trip and here for the second half.

My previous challenge was the GORE-TEX Arctic Challenge. In June 2011 we took two 6-metre, Suzuki-powered RIBS from Scotland to the Arctic Circle.

Prior to that was a long-awaited return to solo ocean sailing with an entry in the historic Route du Rhum race; a gruelling 3,500-mile single-handed race across the Atlantic in 2010. I learned a lot on the way and had forgotten how much I enjoyed solo ocean sailing.

For this adventure we partnered with DMS and Team Concise, previous Class 40 World Champions who built a brand new boat for 2010.

Racing a high-tech Open 40 was very different to the preceding project, when we built ‘Spirit of Mystery’ to recreate and celebrate the heroic journey of seven Cornishmen who sailed a 37 ft wooden lugger to Australia more than 150 years ago.

You can find out more about my previous exploits on the ‘journey to date’ page.

I hope you will keep visiting the site and follow all our adventures; we cannot do them without you.

So what is next for me? I'm not sure yet, but what is certain is there are definitely more adventures to come, so watch this space...

Thanks for your interest and support.