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March 3rd, 2013
Video of the Kayak Adventure
Hi All,

Please see the videos of Pete and Andy's circumnavigation of Tasmania:

First half:

Second half:


Stuart Elford, Shore and Communications Manager to Pete Goss MBE
February 24th, 2013
And the plaque itself
Here is the photo of Pete and the plaque.
February 24th, 2013
Spirit of Mystery Plaque
Hi All,

I thought you might want to see these pictures, taken on 22/02/13 at the Royal Yacht Club Victoria, based in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia (Spirit Of Mystery voyage destination), who hosted a lunch for Pete & Andy as they were passing through on their way home after successfully completing the kayak circumnavigation of Tasmania.

The first of the photos, taken by Tony Spencer, shows Commodore Andrew Munro, Andy Warrender, Vice Commodore David Seaman , Pete Goss, Peter Harris, Rear Commodore Michael Mclean (seated).

The second picture shows Pete Goss and the plaque dedicated to the seven Cornishmen and their epic voyage on the Mystery in 1855. Pete re-enacted the voyage in 2009 on the replica vessel Spirit of Mystery. The plaque was commissioned by the Cornish Association of Victoria and is proudly displayed on the front fence of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria very close to where it is reported that the Mystery landed in March 1855.

Thanks to Tony Spencer for sending this through. These guys were all so helpful to me and Pete during that epic adventure.


February 18th, 2013
The finish
It was a bit like 'Ground Hog Day' when I woke up at Danny and Linda Redmans this morning. Fifty days and 1,500km ago we woke up in the same house with the prospect of the trip at our feet. They say that life goes in circles and that certainly feels to be the case this morning. It's done, we closed the circle around Tasmania after a leisurely last paddle yesterday. It was a lovely day with no pressure apart from being in Devonport for a three pm pick up. Indeed, we had a lot of time to lose so we had lots of stops and reflected on the trip. For lunch we raided the treat store and had pancakes on the beach.

If you have read all the blogs you will know how much we have enjoyed this trip. I don't know what I can add but here is a quote that I gave to Stuart for a press release; "If I had to choose my favourite section it would be the west coast for it is wild, remote and one is always aware of the southern ocean. If I had to choose the most beautiful it would be the Freycinet Peninsula and for warmth, generosity and kindness I would have to embrace the whole Island for we have been made so welcome by all that we have come across. Tasmania is a very special place."

I wouldn't have wanted to do this trip with anyone other than Andy when we started and that remained the case at the end of it. We have made a great team and it has been a pleasure to do it with him. I have learnt a lot and think I can now call myself a 'Sea kayaker'. Bit rough and ready perhaps but I would be happy to take on any trip.

I hope you have enjoyed the blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them. So I shall sign off until the next 'daft idea' by bidding you all 'fair winds'.
February 17th, 2013
This is all the maps we used - job done, cuppa and soon to see the family.
February 16th, 2013
Our last campsite
This is our last campsite. We will miss sleeping under canvas, but can't wait for a real bed.
February 16th, 2013
Sailing into the last campsite
What a great day it has been today, perfect comes to mind for we have been blessed by a big high pressure to the north of us which means we have consistent easterlies where we expected to be flogging our hearts out.

This morning we put the sails up on the beach, eased off the sand and were gliding along at an effortless seven kph. After all the paddling we have done it was just nice to sit back and let the wind do the work in a manner that allowed us to relax and look about. The water was clear and it was really nice to see the bottom scud past.

We had a tea break and once again set sail but by now the wind was up a bit and we were really flying but still in control as we surfed across the mouth of the Tamar River. A river that we are going to go back to explore once we have finished for I want to go to the Tamar Ridge Vineyard as they gave us a case of wine for the Spirit of Mystery voyage and I have always wanted to shake them by the hand.

As we closed the beach for lunch a yacht came charging up behind us and caught up with Andy as I was ahead at that point. In he came with a bottle of Red, a note and a club burgee. It was from Jim and Jane who had met Andy my brother when he was here with Spirit of Mystery. Lovely couple who dropped anchor and then swam in as they didn't have a dinghy. The Burgee was from the Commodore of the Launceston Yacht Club and I shall carry it with pride. We plan on meeting up with some of them during our break. We were going to drink the wine tonight but have decided to save it for the finish tomorrow.

So here we are, camped for the last time, a perfect evening with the sun setting over the last 29km that lay ahead of us. It's strange to look up and recognise the skyline from when we started and there's a reflective atmosphere about the place . It's been a great trip, there's nothing I would change. If life is made of memories then you have to get out there and create some and this trip will recalled with great fondness.

Carpe Diem as Tracey would say.
February 15th, 2013
Slipping along under sail
Today has been a great day and I shall dedicate it to Tom Gall who made the sails. Tom, they have done us proud but today it was an extra pleasure for we had a gentle breeze and I spent the day gliding along watching the coast slip by. Rocky outcrops with big groups of birds watching our progress followed by white sandy beaches with lovely clear water and big Sting Ray flitting off. Frightened by our shadow as it scurries across the sea bed.

We stopped in Weymouth and had lunch on the boat ramp, an easy affair for we don't have the pressure that has been driving us to date. Extra food, lots of it fresh, a picnic rather than an energy pit stop and it feels great. More like a holiday from the serious business of paddling round Tasmania.

We are camped in Lulworth Cove on the eastern end of the beach, nice little spot on pebbles. All settled in by four so I listened to some music on the iPad, read a book and looked at my email that came in overnight. One is from my good friend Martin saying that his sister has a holiday cottage in Lulworth and it might be worth calling her. Sods law, there is no signal and it would be a bit late anyway. I shall see if I can hire a car and pop round for a cuppa once this trip is done.

This comes from the Tam O'shanter Golf Club where we are blowing the last of our trip kitty on a meal. It's really quiet but the staff are friendly and the cook is from Scotland - who would have thought it! Andy feels at home.

We were chatting about the trip and Andy worked out that we will have roughly made 750,000 paddle strokes to get round Tasmania. We also realised that tomorrow will be the last time we will camp and it was a bit of a shock. This wonderful trip is drawing to a close and so my mind is moving on to the next 'Daft Idea'. I have a few idea's but cant help wondering what what it will end up being.

There's still no signal so I have no idea when you will get this - time for a feed.
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