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June : 10th : 2010

Stu Elford

Hi Pete, As ever, it is a joy to be involved with your projects and this is going to be as exciting as ever. Thanks and fair winds.


Cheers, Stu.

June : 11th : 2010

Josh Hall

Hi Pete - just a note to say how great it is to see you racing again and in a Class40 - they are fabulous boats and you are going to have a lot of fun!

All the best


June : 11th : 2010

Colin Strain

Great to see you taking on an Open 40.  I've been following your adventures since the Vendee and am constantly reminded of just how important it is to focus on the adventure rather than the journey.


Your ability to take on the odds and win, along with your resilience when things don't go to plan are more inspiring than simply winning races.


Keep 'em coming, my kids are now old enough that I can rope them in to following too and I know that your escapades will show them something of what can be achieved by those who dare to.


Colin Strain

June : 11th : 2010

Rosie and Richard Morris

Hello Pete!

We're delighted to hear of your planned solo race in the Route du Rhum and will follow your progress with great interest as always. Wishing you all the luck in the world & may the Gods go with you.

Love to you,Tracey and family

Rosie & Richard - Ladock, Cornwall.

June : 13th : 2010

Colin Curtis

Glad to see your'e up and going again, I will follow your progress, have a great sail.  All the best, sail hard sail safe.

June : 17th : 2010

Robert Fryer


I was captivated by your speech given at a recent BCSC conference in Bournemouth so decided to go and hunt out your book.  I never really read at all so a big surprise to my wife when I couldn't put this down.  Being one of those people in the hum drum straight jackets of life as you put it, I was impressed at your endevour, courage and final outcome, inspiring! 

One small point for us land lubbers, not knowing 'diddly' about sailing boats, please give some detail pics at the beginning of your next book as I don't know the difference between a number two sail, gybe or kick boards.
All the best to you, your family and the team on your next adventure, stay safe and enjoy following the wind!
Rob - Hampshire


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