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July : 1st : 2010

Leslie Lessig


I just completed your book "Close to the Wind" on the plane, and I immediately turned it right over and read it again! I have never read a book twice in my life. What an amazing story, I'm so glad you could share it with us, so well written.

July : 23rd : 2010

Don Crooks

Just completed your book 'Close to the Wind', I know it is ancient history to you now but what an amazing story ... having run a few businesses of my own over the years and having been in the Merchant Navy, I have a fair idea of what you went through.


I have the utmost respect for anyone that can put themselves out there in that massive beautiful ocean by themselves, went through a storm or two in a big tanker and that was enough for me to respect the big water ...enough to know a little yacht is not for me out there.

July : 27th : 2010

Sue and Olivia

Pete and Team


Thanks so much inviting two bedraggled swimmers to look round the Spirit of Mystery.  It was inspiring to hear all about the build and epic journey.


Love the website and especially the Playing for Success initiative.


Good luck in October with the Route du Rhum!  Thanks for the tea and muffin!!


Sue and Olivia


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