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December : 7th : 2010

Barry Roach

Pete, I immensely enjoyed your discussions with the Halma group here at Ashridge both last night and this morning. You're an inspiration to us all - especially your phrase "Leadership is earnt through respect from your team". Your comment about us all looking for the anchors in life such as houses that are paid for and pension schemes was very thought provoking too. It encourages me to survey my own life. Great meeting you - I shall purchase your book when I get back home at the weekend.

December : 8th : 2010


Dear Pete,
I would like to order Your book.
Is it possible to send it to Poland.

December : 9th : 2010

Grahame Jackson

Hi, Pete and co. I went to both lauches of the famous ill-fated wave piercing cat in Totnes many moons ago. Way ahead of it's time. Just wanted to say thanks for that wonderful special moment in time. If you ever in Cape Town and need a extra hand or galley boy, just drop me a email. Ta. Grahame (RYA/MCA Offshore Comm)

December : 13th : 2010

Paul Moody

Hi pete! I ve been at sea the last few weeks so missed your finish!! but well done! with better winds on the southerly route you would have been close to the leaders aye! there are eleven in my crew and we all had a chuckle of your final blogs cause you made it all sound like you where just delivering a yacht across the channel had a few drinks quick sight see and came home!! also chuckled at you remembering you had your head torch on in the final video!! yeah we have all done it-walking into super markets, pubs etc. Anyway thats the boat i want, no breakages!! only a mug handle!! better make sure the concise team make them on your next boat!! incidentely will that be the open sixty for the Vendee race?? Happy christmas to you and the family cheers Paul and crew on \"Rhona\"


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