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June : 28th : 2012

Anthony Ruth

Hi Pete, We want to thank you so so much for a inspiring & fantastic talk/slide show of yours,your son, your family & friends's adventures around the world on sea & north pole. It was the most uplifting event at burnley boys & girls club that We had ever been to & We do hope that you will come again in the future with more of your wonderful achievements. Your Talk has inspired & given me the extra insentive to continue to reform the learning disability & special needs football team in burnley. Thanks again pete, don't leave it to long before another visit from Anthony, Kim & Simon Ruth

June : 29th : 2012

Tim Edey

Hi Pete, just wanted to say you are one of my sailing heroes, just reading close to the wind and have followed your adventures for many years. I sail an achillies 24 fin keel and you are such an inspiration to so many, with your writing of hard times when working in the marines and trying for sponsorship etc and finally getting it under way, it makes me so more dedicated to my own folk music career and your logic and thinking processes you describe have certainly been with me when I finally was recognised at the bbc radio two folk awards as musician of the year 2012, many thanks and best wishes Tim Edey


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