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September : 18th : 2014

Mike Watson

I'm guessing that the weather didn't play ball this summer for the trip to Norway. If it's still on and you need help I'd love to drive a safety rib for you guy's. I first sailed to Norway when I was 17 on the maxi La Poste , I have since sailed there there times, and spent 2 seasons sailing and racing on the south coast of Norway Sweden and Denmark. My last trip was last November amongst all those storms, took forever to get a weather window, in the end we motored for 2 days becalmed before riding the edge of gale. It was minus ten before wind chill when we arrived and the marina was frozen! So June would be best sling as summer has arrived in the north it is the calmest time of year up there when the sea turns to a mill pond. Although you lack the breaze to sail. The alternative usually from the south west has a habit of bringing the Atlantic swell with it. That oncen on the continental shelf gets very lump and very step very quickly. But with the right windo  w when you think you have reached heaven then you will know you have arrived for it is the most beautiful country on earth with the most spectacular sun sets and rises. And a kayak is probably best way to truly visit the coast and fjords of Norway.Ps your trip around Tasmania inspired me to get an inflatable sea kayak which I am slowly getting used to after so many years of traveling at +10 kts it's a totally different world but it's still a boat! All the best and good weather. Cheers


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