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February : 16th : 2013

Tony Spencer

Get a move on Pete at 1550 on Sat 16 the tracker has you having lunch on a beach near Port Sorell. A great achievement well done.

February : 16th : 2013

Jeff Jennings

Hi Pete & Andy,
went out to Lowhead this morning to get some video/photos of you sailing past but you were too fast. The internet must have been slow because one minute you were at 5 mile bluff then you had past the lighthouse. I bet you has some fun today, did you actually have to paddle?

February : 16th : 2013

Stuart Rawlinson

Hi Pete
Nearly there ! it must feel good and a great weblog to give a sense of what it's like out there. The sun has just come up over Poole harbour and it's going to be a beautiful day here at last , sping is in the air. Hope the home strait goes well , happy days from all at northpoint too. Stuart

February : 15th : 2013


Glad to see you are nearly 'home' .... Andrew .. meal on us when you get here (maybe an early birthday meal before we go on our travels!) Safe journey back both of you ...Brian & Irene x

February : 14th : 2013

Martin Pryor

Mate, If you plan to stop again before the Tamar River, give my sister Robin a call. She has a shack at Lulworth which you might be able to doss down in.
Fair winds,

February : 13th : 2013

michael porter

Well done, both of you. As I see "Google Earth" it looks to be down hill going west, but I don't expect the paddling will feel that way!! Best wishes, Michael

February : 12th : 2013

Martin Pryor

mate, turned the corner and heading home. all power to you. safe passage. martin

February : 12th : 2013

Tony Spencer

Great work Pete you are almost there. We have been tracking you, by god you guys know how to pick a beach. Looking forward to catching up. Keep up the great work.

February : 11th : 2013

Tom Jacobs

Hi Pete,
When you were training on the river Lyner spring last year you told me what you were going to do and now your well into your trip.
The update video looked stunning and i wish you both the very best for the remainder of your expedition,
Cheers, Tom.

February : 11th : 2013

Jeff Jennings

Hi Pete,
You are camped exactly where we camped last year on a trip down the east coast. When you get a little further north the tidal currents will start to kick in. When you cross Ringarooma Bay, head for Waterhouse Island, named by Bass and Flinders,the first europeans to circumnavigate Tasmania or Van Diemens Land as it was then called. The owner of the island, Clive Roberts, will probably allow you to use the restored shearers quarters that has beds and a toilet. Mention the Maatsuyker Canoe Club as he frequently allows us to have our AGM on the island.

February : 9th : 2013

Danny Redman

Hi Pete & Andy, glad to see you have got away from Bicheno, hope the crowd at White Sands are looking after you!!!!!

February : 6th : 2013

mark jewell

We have just spent a wonderful week in the beautiful Tasmania, spent some time in Strahan on the West coast, understand your problems with the weather. Safe trip, and we will be back in Plymouth Uk in March, will follow your progress. Mark & Sue Jewell

February : 4th : 2013

Martin Pryor

Just so pleased that you got to see Freycinet and particularly Wineglass Bay in all its glory - the most beautiful bay in the world! Now you know why I took the 3 peaks race there. DO take Tracey there, it is just the best. Enjoy Bicheno, Scamander, St Helens, Binnalong Bay, Banks Strait etc - my much missed home waters.
Fair winds

February : 3rd : 2013

Danny Redman

Hi Pete & Andy, hope you enjoy wine glass bay, its an awesome spot, and congrats on the 1000k mark.

February : 2nd : 2013

Dave Aron

Pete and Andy - fabulous stuff. Keep up the good work. Pete - looking forward to see you back in Blighty. Take care.

February : 1st : 2013

Don Macrae

Hi Pete/Andy.  Following your journey with interest from home in Plymouth UK.  I will be in Launceston (Tas) on 10 Feb prior to doing Overland Track so should be near you at your current progress.  Met Pete many years ago when he gave a talk at Plym YC.  Also been on board Spirit when at Plymouth Classics.  Maybe a third contact coming!!  Keep paddling, keep safe.  Don

January : 31st : 2013

Paul Moody

Hi Pete and Andy!Glad your on your way again after your Dooking. Bet that was scary for a minute ot two? Anyway like falling off a horse best to get back in the saddle as soon as aye! I was thinking, unlike being in a sail boat when you really tired and its rough you can usually "heave to"!! But in a kayak when its rough you have to keep paddling to be stable and safe?? You need to have a big reserve of energy i s'pose. Anyway looks like your both going well now and meeting up with some great people. Take care Fellas. Paul

January : 30th : 2013

Matthew Watton

Well done finishing the south coast of Tasmania. I hope you have fine & settled weather up the east coast. Best wishes from matt watton.

January : 30th : 2013

Col Jim Hutton RM

Just heard about your latest crazy adventure and wish I had known sooner as we holidayed in Tasi for 2 wks over crimbo and NY and could have supported you somehow! I am living in Sydney on Loan to RAN. Bed here if you need it. Best wishes for the rest of the trip. Freycinet coastline is fantastic. Stay safe Royal. Jim

January : 30th : 2013

Tom Goodwin

hi pete its tom here we met on the port arthur ferry see you made into fortascue and are camping up in bivwack bay nice spot  make sure you check out wreak bay just around the corner. Hope you have fine weather for the rest of the journey good luck to you both cheers


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