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November : 1st : 2010

John Kiddey

All the best, Pete. I wish I was with you!

November : 1st : 2010

Ian Brooks

Good luck Pete,we are with you all the way.
Ian and Trina

November : 1st : 2010

David Millner

Go for it Pete, and enjoy being back doing what you love.
Good Luck

November : 1st : 2010

Helen and Karl Suffell

We are thinking of you and wishing you every success with your race - stay safe

Helen & Karl Brimbles St John

November : 1st : 2010

Ian Stevens

Good winds and warm porridge, Pete. Good to see you racing - show them the quick route, and then the safe one back. Ian

November : 1st : 2010

Pam Weeks

Hello Pete
As you said of the dolphins 'Its for these little moments that I do this.' I shall take a 'little moment' to pass info of the race on to Barbara from Taunton. Wishing you the very best of everything for the trip.
Pam Weeks

November : 1st : 2010

David Langdon

Pete, as you know I'm not a sailor so I'll just offer three bits of advice! 1) Keep the wind behind you, 2) keep the wet stuff beneath you and 3) Stay positive and happy, we're all supporting you from a distance!
Take care, my friend, David at High Performance.

November : 1st : 2010

Amy Smith

Go Pete Go! Wishing you a safe, speedy passage, from all at Musto.

November : 1st : 2010

Pete Ferguson

Great, another exciting PG adventure to follow. Be safe, have fun and travel with the knowledge you've got loads of support!

November : 1st : 2010

Steve Dunn

With you all the way janner! The security code I need to enter to send this message is "oldn" - hope that's not your team having a joke at your expense! Steve and Crissy, Sydney.

October : 31st : 2010

Graham Finch

Fly with the wind Pete!!! come home safe. looking forward to following you.

October : 31st : 2010

The Bennett Family

Good luck Pete!
The Bennett Family,

October : 31st : 2010

The Ogilvies

Go for it Pete!! Have a great race. Look forward to hearing all about it! Love from us all. xx

October : 31st : 2010

Anne Turner

Hi Pete, Wishing you lots of luck and all the best with all you need for a great race and safe yet exhilarating trip. Still raising my nightly 'Spirit of Mystery' cuppa to you, and will raise it throughout the race as we think of you. Go well! Many blessings, Anne, and Ben, too.

October : 31st : 2010

David C Clack

The very best of luck---go for it. Dave, Tamar, Tasmania

October : 31st : 2010

Marten Holden

Hi Pete
Great to see you racing again.
Have a good one!

October : 31st : 2010

Paul Moody

Good luck pete, I know you will really enjoy this one esp as their is some real good competetive sailors in your class.So speedier from last time on spirit of mystery,you will need goggles on this boat. Stirling Goss!! mind the speed bumps. Take care and fair winds.

October : 31st : 2010

John Blanchard

Hi Pete, So good to see you taking on the French again, Have a brilliant race, stay safe and may your wind be perfect.
John Saltash Sailing Club

October : 31st : 2010

Kyle Madgwick

Go for it Pete! A bit faster than Spirit of Mystery and a bit bigger too. Have fun, we will enjoy tracking you.

October : 31st : 2010

Martin Pryor

Hi Mate, Andrea, the boys and I are out here in Oz really excited to watch all the fun and sending thoughts and best wishes your way. I love to hear that above all else you are enjoying yourself...THAT'S what it's all about. Go hard, fair winds and God speed. We have reserved a bottle of very special Aussie Red to celebrate with you and Tracey when we next meet. Martin


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