Book Sales 'Close to the Wind'

Pete Gos - Close to the windPete is the author of the best-selling book about his yachting adventures – ‘Close to the Wind’, where Pete shares his adventures, thoughts, hardships and philosophy during and throughout the ten years of preparation for the 1996 Vendee Globe.

Close to the Wind is published by Headline Book Publishing (1998).

Praise for Close to the Wind:

“This is a wonderful book…The story of a brave man: a man who turned into the teeth of a hurricane to save the life of a competitor in a single-handed round-the-world yacht race.”  - The Spectator

“(Close to the Wind) celebrates an ancient, beautiful way of being human.” - The Times (London)

“An incredible story of adventure, good fortune and determination beyond mere mortal comprehension…The reality is more impressive than fiction ever could be.” - The Sunday Independent

“Goss’s down-to-earth storytelling is gripping. His modesty is endearing. His dedication to a cause and the manner of achieving it are humbling and inspiring…This man is a hero.” - Cambridge Evening News



The book is available from all good book sellers