Pete is a multiple adventurer, businessman and lecturer who relates his experiences of courage and determination to the business audience.

He is still adventuring and his in-person talks and book have motivated and inspired people around the world.

In today’s challenging business environment, Pete understands the need to deliver real performance; he achieves this through mentoring and empowering individuals, motivating teams and driving companies forward…

Pete is a regular lecturer at business schools, particularly the Said Business School of Oxford University, where he has the privilege of being an Associate Fellow, and The London Business School.

Before any speech Pete spends time researching and talking to the company:

  • He listens to their specific needs and requirements for the conference and the speech.
  • He makes sure key messages flow through the talk clearly and seamlessly.
  • He produces a unique and dynamic speech full of usable content and fresh ideas.

Pete is an experienced businessman having set up and managed 15 different projects:

  • He has headed up workforces of more than 100 employees.
  • He has brokered multi-million pound sponsorship deals.
  • He has assisted with the creation of several new companies.

In turn this has given Pete the experience to speak knowledgeably on many different themes and aspects within business.


Dare To Dream:

More astronauts have circled the globe than single-handed sailors.

The Southern Ocean is known as the most desolate place in the world.

Imagine you are competing in a single-handed round the world yacht race and you are in the midst of a fierce Southern Ocean hurricane.
You are thinking of your family when suddenly you hear a mayday call.
Do you risk your own life, turn your yacht around and prepare to sail into the unknown to rescue a stranger?

Pete Goss’s humorous, emotional and compelling storytelling takes you with him to that moment of truth.

You are left realizing that Pete’s success rests on the shoulders of a very broad team that challenged the norm through innovation and technology, adapting to the disruption of change. From creating new yachting concepts, studying sleep patterns, analysing dietary requirements and developing personal resilience.

Pete has a “can-do” spirit that’s infectious. His exploits are both inspirational and awe-inspiring. When he recounts his adventures and you feel you are at sea by his side!

With remarkable skill Pete, a successful businessman in his own right, takes real life adventures and relates them to todays business situations. He reinforces lessons in Leadership, The Importance of Teamwork, Risk and How to Make Things Happen.

This talk will touch you, stay with you and influence your thinking.

Leadership Reflections:

‘Leadership Challenges the norm whereas management makes it more efficient.’

‘The best teams are all leaders, it’s an ethos, an attitude’.

Imagine starting with a sketch, a sketch that stretches the norm and then turning that sketch into reality. Where would you start, what would your guiding principles be?

How would you ignore those timid experts that choose to judge future potential by polishing the past rather than challenging it?

Leaders must have mental resilience, be credible, they are judged and must judge themselves by their actions.


Mental Resilience – Having the mental capacity to keep going when things don’t go to plan.

The importance of Team - picking the right team is imperative but how you keep all members of the team motivated, feeling involved, valued through listening, communication, sharing and good delegation is what brings the magic to successful teams.

Planning for Success - for all Pete's adventures he has to have a plan in place years in advance - sharing his knowledge of how he does this and sticks with the plan is hugely valuable to corporate leaders.

Follow your dreams - Pete is a living example of how to do this - any of his stories will leave the right message.



Adventures On Land And Sea: This is a mix of funny but thought provoking anecdotes from every thing Pete has done so far – from racing in the Vendee, pushing the boundaries of boat design with Team Philips, having an integral role in The British Steel Challenge, leading 4 expeditions to the North Pole to being a the Royal Marine, raising a family and working on a Salvage Tug!

Spirit of Mystery - Weaving a story through history, family, risk and adventure. This is a unique, amusing yet thought-provoking speech recreating Pete’s journey on-board the ‘SPIRIT OF MYSTERY’. Please see an edited version of the BBC Coast Spirit of Mystery story below: